Mold, Water, Fire & Smoke Damage

Dutch Construction is Fully Certified in Mold Remediation: see Rainbow International

MoldMold is a serious problem because it can damage your health and well as your home or business. It can be caused by excessive moisture from a sudden leak or prolonged high humidity.

The main thing to remember is “THE SOONER THE BETTER”.  Once water damage is detected it is crucial for immediate intervention before it gets worse. Often, the most severe damage is hidden behind or within walls.

What you see is only part of the problem. Microbials, too small to be seen with the naked eye, can produce mycotoxins which may seriously affect your health and even compromise your immune system.

In a typical mold & microbial remediation situation we follow the following steps :

1.  We identify the water or moisture sources & rectify the problem
2. Locate & contain the mold growth
3. Physically remove mold and affected items (“treating” it doesn’t work)
4. Clean & dry affected area
5. Restore the property to its pre-loss condition

When water damage is detected, Dutch utilizes modern restorative drying technology which can often eliminate excess moisture and avoid more serious issues.

Trust Dutch to give you straight talk about how to fix mold and moisture problems. Call today for an expert evaluation and consultation.

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